Online Studio

& Group PT Membership

The LPF ONLINE STUDIO, exclusively for clients who've successfully completed the initial 12-week program.

Imagine having your own personal Pilates, Yoga, and Strength Training studio at your fingertips, accessible wherever you are. This space & community is to continue your fitness journey on your terms, with tailored coaching and continuous improvement.

For all the incredible women who've completed the 12-week coaching program and are hungry for more, I'm here to support your growth. Gain access to exclusive content, personalised coaching, join the Group PT Classes, and become part of the LPF Community.

Ready to take your fitness to the next level? Request to join the exclusive LPF ONLINE STUDIO below to experience the benefits of continued training, learning, and leveling up on your fitness journey.



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Class Styles


Sweaty & Spicy.

30 min Full Body, Lower Body & Upper body training sessions. Effective & efficient workouts designed to make you strong mentally & physically.  


Strong & Stable.

Pilates is a beautiful compliment to your strength sessions. Designed to improve core control, posture and will make you feel STRONG.


Beautiful Balance.

To create a strong body you need a strong mind. Weekly yoga classes for a sense of  balance and to create a calm mind & connection to the body